Cut and tied


This piece is done, and it’s time to cut it off the loom. There are a couple of things to keep in mind: don’t let the fabric unravel, and keep the loom sleyed and threaded for the next warp. I’m leaving the last bit of this warp on the loom, so I can tie on a new one in different colors. I tied it in bows, up against the reed, as I cut it section by section.

Keeping the new piece intact isn’t as hard as some weaving books would imply. I’ve seen lots of instructions to hand-sew the entire edge of the piece before removing it from the loom. This is boring and takes a long time. I tie little knots every few inches as I’m cutting the piece off the loom. It holds just fine until I can machine-stitch it.

orange scissors

shawls knotted warp edge Jan 2016

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